From Our Kitchen To Yours

Nothing replaces a great home cooked meal. That’s why we’re sharing a few recipes from our award-winning chefs. Some traditional, some not so traditional. But all of them taste great and can be made in under 40 minutes.


Naan, Paneer, Onion and Pepper Pizza

Super yummy, main-course pizzas! Aside from our amazing naan, the secret is the marinated Paneer!


Bombay Naan Sandwich

Layers of vegetables and chutney, sandwiched between a soft and fluffy Naan. Inspired by the amazing street food of Mumbai.


Naan With Indian Curries

Serve warm Santosh Naan with all of your favourite Indian curries, let it be the scoop. Some of our favorites are dahl, palak paneer, biryani, potatoes and cauliflower and channa.


Naan With Vegetarian Indian Style Chili

The smoky, complex flavor of this simple vegetarian chili comes from basic pantry ingredients, vegetables and spices! It makes great leftovers, too!


Naan With Tomato, Onion and Cucumber Raita

Scoop this creamy dip with sliced Santosh naan, carrots, celery or red bell peppers!


Naan Wedges In Kids Lunch Box

A balanced lunch can improve a child's concentration and achievement in class. Here's a great naan-traditional idea your kids will love!